A whole new world!

At the end of 2020, I gave myself a goal: to rival my friends in the Video Game industry.

I have a friend that's working on getting into Microsoft, and a friend who is currently working for Monolith.

By the end of 2025, I will be alongside them- or better, in rival companies.

From this goal came my push to create and work on some new projects. My first, a project I'm simply calling "Race".

My goal is to focus on building a new an unfamiliar world that attracts all kinds of players!

(Creature sketches)

I want the world to be vast with all kinds of life. The center of the world, and drive for the game, is the nests and eggs of an unseen alien race.

(UI - Character Selection)

I want choices to be minimal for the player. 3 major species to pick from and only 2 subclasses. I originally had elements in here as well, but I have since scrapped that idea.

(Basic Character UI)

I wanted to go simple for the UI. I want minimal words. I want things to transcend language.

I even crafted a new leveling system that is measured by "chips". Health is displayed by your characters glow and vibrancy.

I originally had ideas for a flight-based UI, but as I push the project I can almost promise that this will be scrapped.

I started with some 3D objects in Blender and created my first bit of concept art (above). 


Located in Milwaukee, WI



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