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Here's some info.

Because of my low cost, I have some rules for both you and me! 

1) Deadlines. I will work super hard to get you your things in a timely manner! Expect around 7 days for logos, 2+ weeks for websites (we'll discuss!), 2 days per social media graphic, 1 week for promotional materials, and 1 month for book covers. If you want anything faster, I can offer an "express" service!

2) Limited communication. I have a full-time job. I will not be responding much during my work hours. Also, I will not tolerate clients that call and text me 24/7. If you are paying for around X hours of my attention, expect X hours of my attention.

3) Repeated rudeness will not be tolerated. I have worked retail before... I'm not looking to be treated that way again. I'm doing this for fun and to do something in my spare time. I don't need to deal with you being rude towards me!

Still Interested?
Here are some tidbits!

Websites will be made on a service where you can keep them updated yourself!
I prefer Wix, but if you have a preference I'll make it work! That said, if you still need me to manage your website, let me know. We can work something out.

Websites will have a monthly charge from the provider. Example: Wix charges $17/month to keep your website active. Domains also cost money. I think I personally pay around $5/year for mine?

Logos require communication from both of us. I'm going to need info about your company right off the bat, so please make sure you send that to me ASAP. If you have reference images or something you'd like to steer towards, let me know! I've had dozens of clients scribble an idea on a napkin; it helps loads. Beyond that, expect sketches in your inbox for you to approve before I finalize the design. 
File comes in an SVG and PNG.


send in your request!

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