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Excaliber is the tale of King Arthur's quest for the holy grail, but in modern times! Join Arthur and her friends as they take on the evil sorceress Morgana and challenge themselves to unlock the chalice of eternal life.

A senior thesis collaboration between myself and Joanna Garcia, we came together to create concept work for a game that modernizes the famous arthurian lore and brings it into the third-person shooter genre. With Excaliber, the famous sword now turned gun, you can experience this conquest in a new and exciting light!

Poster (Right) created by Joanna Garcia



As part of my Concept Art class at MIAD, I created an "era inspired" weapon per the request of an assignment. The original Excaliber, pictured right, was the result. It was made from the metal of the classic Excalibur Blade, and the. white handle seen was actually made from the bone of the late King Arthur.

Soon we were tasked with creating an environment... I wanted to expand on the weapon I had made, now taken with Arthurian Lore, and created the first look of

Excaliber: The Game.




Emma Elizabeth


Liz Plant


Alex Gardipe


Alexander Hanly

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