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At Raven Software I have served as a UI Artist for Modern Warfare, Vanguard, and Modern Warfare 2.

I primarily focus on providing content for the Warzone (BR) section of the game, but I have icons across other game modes as well.

Within my role, I have contributed UX Designs, created concept art for Caldera's Portable Buystation, and created several UI Icons & Art Assets! 

If you're ever interested in seeing what I've contributed, feel free to reach out!

(Due to the nature of my NDA I cannot post most of my work.)


CHRIS J. - Infinity Ward

"Jade has been one of the key players in the development of Modern Warfare II and it’s continued post-launch seasonal content releases across MWII, WZ and DMZ. Her energy and love for the franchise and material is crystal clear and infectious! She always brings her A-game and goes well above and beyond the Call of Duty (had to sneak that in there…) to produce and deliver the highest quality work! She is a beacon of energy who lifts the team and she’ll be missed immensely!"

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