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In 2015, I received my acceptance letter to MIAD, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I had originally intended to go for a major in Animation, but unfortunately, the year I joined the program was cut.

During my Foundations year I was accepted into Alpha Lambda Delta, an honors society.

Despite not being able to be in the major I wanted, I persevered and decided to run along the Illustration track. I noticed that I had a deep interest in Graphic Communications (AKA Graphic Design), but I was too afraid to chase it. 

I graduated in 2019.


Associate UI Artist.

Was hired on as a Contract Employee, but then hired full-time in early 2022.

Director of Marketing.

Was hired on as Director of Media Relations, but the title was changed as I heavily started to focus on brand identity.

Global Marketing Intern.

Was hired on in 2018 and stayed almost a full year (6 months longer than my initial agreement) due to want/need.

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